From one village to the other continued Shatir Faris journey.
Shatir Faris left his village to search for an answer to the princess question "what is the sense of man?", the question which nobody could answer. He said to himself "I travelled through three quarters of the world and I still don't have an answer, I will go on through the rest, maybe i will find something!"
He did not meet the "sense of man" on his journey, but he met a good old miller, and he asked him if he could help out in the mill house. the good old miller had no son, and was in need for help, so Shatir Faris could stay and help.

...and when the ginny asked him "which of the two ladies do I love?", the ginny the miller had warned Shatir Faris about if he stayed nights in the mill house. Shatir Faris watched the beautiful lady and the ugly lady who were resting in the mad ginny's hands and knew that his life depended on what he would say, so he remembered and said "whether black or white, what really matters is who you love".
...and when the miller's young wife tried to seduce Shatir Faris, when the miller travelled for pilgrim, he refused her. Shatir Faris was taking care of the miller' house in his absence, like a son, but now he asked an old lady to do this for him.
...and when Shatir Faris heard the music on his way to his killer, he liked it and could not resist, so he approached where the music came from, and stayed the night dancing and having fun. the killer was waiting for two persons, the first would come with half of the money and should be killed, the second would come afterwards with the rest of the money and should take the head of the first. this was the deal he made with the miller who was raged that Shatir Faris tried to seduce his wife, as she had told him. but when the miller’s wife arrived at the killer at night to give him the rest of the money, and to complete her revenge on Shatir Faris's refusal, there was no bag for her to take. Instead, when Shatir Faris arrived late the next day at the killer and gave him the bag of money, the killer gave him another bag for the miller, and a lot of greetings to him, which Shatir Faris warmly delivered.