Shatir Faris takes one of his three pounds, which are all what he has, and gives it to the old man.
The old man puts it in his pocket and says "whether black or white, what really matters is who you love"
Shatir Faris said "i know this one"
-were you in love before?
-then you don’t know it. he who doesn’t experience doesn’t know.

Shatir Faris thinks to himself now I lost one pound for a word I already knew, but where else can I buy words - maybe my luck will become better. He snatches the second golden pound and hands it to the old man, who says quickly "never abuse confidence, even if you could."
-i know this one too.
-did anybody ever entrust you with something and you abused him?
-then you don’t know it. He who doesn’t experience doesn’t know.

Shatir Faris says "This doesn’t work, i gave you my money and you tell me words I know already, i am looking for a word I don’t know". the old man said "if you did not experience the words then you do not know them, believe me". A pause stretched between the two men.
Then Shatir Faris says "look, I will give now my very last pound, this is all I have, so I want you to concentrate and give me something good, please". The old man says "ok".
Shatir Faris takes his time while he put his hand in his pocket and takes the last pound, hoping that the old man will use this time and think deeply. The old man as usually takes the pound, and without a moment of hesitation, as if he read from an invisible book, he says "never miss the pleasure time".