The dim light of a small grocery lying between two villages attracts Shatir Faris who is travelling in the darkness. He enters the grocer and looks around him. The grocery is completely empty, only naked walls and an old man sitting and smoking. Shatir Faris asks "what do you sell here?", the old man says "do you like some tea?"
Shatir Faris is tired from travelling, he didn't take a rest since he left his village. he sits in front of the old man and holds the tea cup in his hand, enjoying the warmth on his fingers. After a while he asks again "but what do you sell here?"
The old man says"i sell words."
-words are not for sale
-yes they are, the are also for buying
-and are they working then?
-if they don't work come again and you will get your money back.

Shatir Faris was indeed travelling because he searched for a word. a word which he didn't not know but which he wished to find, to give to the princess.
so he asks the old man "how much is a word?"
"one golden pound" came the answer.